DFX Files for CNC Machines

We design DFX files for plasma, laser, and waterjet CNC machines. Browse, download, and make something beautiful.

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How to Download DFX Files Artwork

Choose your favorite DFX files

Our DFX files come with many variations—choose from nature-inspired scenes, animals, and more.

Sign up for a DesignShop membership

You can purchase a single design or sign up for a membership. The membership options give you access to hundreds of free DXF files + credits to download any file on the site. Check out the membership plans.

Download, cut, and share

After you download the DFX files, you can import the file into your cutting software. All of our designs are machine tested and pass a rigorous quality test. We're so confident they will work perfectly, we guarantee you satisfaction.

Bring DFX Files to Life

All of our DFX files can be cut with CNC machines from metal, wood, and more. You can make high-quality DFX files and display them at your home or shop or sell them. DesignShop offers thousands of amazing designs for CNC machines.

Custom Design & Modifications

If you are not finding the DFX files you need, we offer custom design services. We can modify existing files or create just about anything you want. And, members get this service at an incredibly low price. Contact us to tell us about your project.