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Customizing DXF Artwork

We've compiled several guidelines to help you modify your artwork.

Basic Customization

Most CAD based programs will allow you to select and delete any design work that you want to remove very easily.  Most of the time  you can select the image you don’t want to cut and hit the delete button to remove it from your CAD or CAM program. (I would suggest saving the remaining design as a separately named file).  If you save your current design with the same file name you will not be able to utilize the other design in the future if need be.

CAD/CAM Software

The best software program that I have found for creating design work for CNC cutting systems are graphics design programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  I recommend Corel Draw for most of my customers because it seems to be more user friendly and there are lots of how to videos to help with learning the basics.  Also, the cost of the Corel Draw software makes it easier to afford. 

One your purchase a software design program I would highly recommend investing in a digitizing pad.  This will allow you to utilize a stylus pen instead of a computer mouse when creating your design work.

Custom Work

DesignShop can provide a custom dxf design work.  If you need custom work done, send us a note via the contact form on the site.  

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