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Cannot Open or Import DXF File

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When attempting to open the DXF file, the computer freezes or provides an error. 


Step 1: Make sure that you are utilizing a DXF file with only closed cut paths for CNC waterjet/laser cutting systems.  Most of the time when error messages are being displayed it is due to information being interpreted incorrectly between software programs. 

Step 2: Make sure you are giving your machine adequate time to load the file.  Often times when the computer program freezes it is because the amount of information contained within the DXF file is too large for the software program to process.  

Step 3: Make sure there are no over lapping cut paths in the design work.  

Step 4: Make sure your software settings are the right settings for your machine.  If you have a CAM based program set for waterjet and laser cutting methods it may or may not recognize open cut paths/single line cut paths.   When you try to load a DXF file with this type of cut path into a CAM based program it can often result in an error.  The best way to resolve this problem is to change the internal setting within the CAM based program to allow for open cut paths/single line cut paths or simple edit/delete out the open cut path/single line cut path utilizing a different CAM or CAD based program. 

Step 5: As a last resort, If you are still experiencing problems with the features of your CAM software, contact the developer or their technical support team and provide them with a copy of the DXF file so that they can help with troubleshooting the problem you are encountering with their software.

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